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Jakes Farm
Freeze Dried Goods

Candy, Snacks, Fruit, Vegetables, Dog Treats and Backpacking and Survival Meals

Why Freeze Dried

Freeze dried food retains its nutritional value. Its quality, shape, size, and taste never gets reduced after going through the freeze drying process. Warming or directly eating freeze dried food will have the same taste and quality as the freshly made food. Freeze dried foods are extremely helpful in emergency situations as it has a longer shelf life. Freeze dried foods can last months and years without refrigeration. 

Candy: Freeze Dried Candy turns out airy, crunchy, and super delicious.  Our candy does not need to be reconstituted.  Eat as is. Kids and adults love the texture and its tons of fun.

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and Vegetables turn crunchy when freeze dried.  Most people eat as is.  They can be reconstituted, but we suggest eating as is.

Snacks:  Snacks are meant to be eaten in the freeze dried state.  They are on the go items that don't need to be refrigerated.

Backpack and Survival Meals: Follow the directions on the package to reconstitute for an on the go or emergency meal.

Pet Treats: These are great for travel, hiking or just use for treats.  Dogs and Cats love them. They can eat in their freeze dried state or reconstitute. 

Pick Up Options

You can order online and pick up at the Farm or the Farners Market


Easy and Convenient shipping to your door

Delivery to your Home

We offer local delivery within the Durango area

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